Pre-anesthetic Considerations:

I would administer preoperative fluids to the patient at 5 mls/kg/hr at least four hours before the procedure along with repeating a renal panel to recheck the values (BUN, Cr) before surgery.

Anesthetic Plan:

Buprenorphine 0.02 mg/kg IV or
Hydromorphone 0.05 mg/kg IV

Propofol or Alfaxalone 4 mg/kg IV

Isoflurane or sevoflurane for maintenance

Peri-operative Fluid Therapy:
Balanced crystalloid at 5 mls/kg/hr

Blood Pressure Support:
Dopamine 3-10 mcg/kg/min can be administered in the event of intra-operative hypotension (MAP < 60 mmHg).

Pain Management:
Local dental blocks should be utilized to limit peri-operative pain.
0.75 mg per injection 20 minutes before tooth extractions

Post-operative Pain Management:
Buprenorphine 0.01 mg/kg IV

Given the elevation in kidney values, I would withhold from administering a NSAID at this time.