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I would recommend oral sedation with trazadone 5 mg/kg PO or gabapentin 5 mg/kg PO 2-3 hours before surgery. This may reduce the hyperactivity that you described. Biggest caveat is sometimes the oral trazadone can cause hypotension during surgery.

Cerenia 1 mg/kg IV
Buprenorphine 0.02 mg/kg IV
Propofol/Alfaxalone 4 mg/kg IV
Can consider midazolam/diazepam 0.2 mg/kg IV given the history of seizures however it may prolong the recovery and lead to postoperative excitement. It is reversible by flumazenil at 0.02 mg/kg IV. My thoughts are to not administer it for sedation unless you are concerned about seizures post-operatively.

Preoxygenate for 5 minutes beforehand with a face mask.

Heat support is crucial with these dogs given their inability to retain heat especially during perioperative period. Thus convection heat before, during and after surgery is highly recommended!

Fluid therapy with a balanced crystalloid at 3 mls/kg/hr.

If you have any questions or concerns just call me at 517-303-5307!

thank you!